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My adventure bucket list

Like many parents, pre-children we had lots of trips to far flung places. While this has been somewhat scaled back since welcoming little miss into our lives, that doesn’t mean we don’t have big plans for the future! From discovering more of the UK, to having those first experiences with as a family, we can’t wait to share our passion for exploring with our daughter.

This post is sharing my dreams for the future as part of the AliKats Bucket List Challenge.

See the Northern Lights

We had a fabulous trip to Reykjavik about 15 years ago, it was actually my first holiday with my now husband. We did quite a bit of touring of the island too, but we didn’t visit at the right time of year to catch the Northern Lights. I know that it can be hit and miss whether you get to see them, but it would just be an absolute dream to see this marvel. I would love us all to go as a family and experience it together.

Revisit New Mexico

I’ve been lucky enough to travel extensively in the United States, and I wasn’t sure what to expect from New Mexico. For anyone who hasn’t been, go now! It’s truly amazing. The desert landscape is stunning, and you can find the craziest of environments such as White Sands National Park. This is a white sand desert in the middle of the state, which from the pictures you would think is a beach. We have already starting saving up for our daughter’s 10th birthday to take her to our favourite state and share with her all of the special places we discovered on our trip there.

Holiday in the mountains

I’ve never actually had a mountain holiday, even though I know there is so much beauty to explore in this environment. From a day’s hiking to a spot of mountain biking, lake swimming and then a leisurely picnic in beautiful surroundings – get me there now! I’d love to visit the Alps and take advantage of everything this stunning area of the world offers.

Snorkelling in Hawaii

I love snorkelling and my daughter is already showing an interest in swimming, so this will be a fantastic first for us in years to come. My ultimate dream would be to head back to Maui, Hawaii, with her, where we visited a long time ago (pre-marriage, let alone kids!). The snorkelling is amazing, the water is so clear, the weather is beautiful, and the food is gorgeous. Heaven.

Camping in a clear skies area

Since becoming a family of three, we’ve had several holidays in the UK. It’s been a great way to explore parts of the country that we hadn’t been to before, and to be honest, I think we’ve missed out a bit!

I’m a big fan of camping as it’s a lovely way to engage with nature and enjoy the great outdoors. I would love to camp in a clear skies area, of which there are many in the UK. These include Exmoor, The Brecon Beacons and Snowdonia. This would be a perfect way to spend an evening, stargazing, before hitting the hay in your snuggly sleeping bag.

Thanks to AliKats Mountain Holidays for inspiring me to write this post as part of their blogger challenge! You can find out more about the company and the challenge here.


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