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    Supporting the BetterYou Plastic Petition

    I share a lot on my blog about sustainability, and recycling is a big part of that. I try to recycle as much as I can (or reuse and repurpose) but there are certainly some barriers to this. Recycling plastic…

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    Non-chocolate Easter gifts for adults

    In my opinion Easter is a really fun holiday. Spring has arrived or is on its way, and there is a less pressure for perfection than Christmas. I really like buying Easter gifts. But what can you choose for someone…

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    Mooze 12% a review and giveaway

    I have cut down a lot on my alcohol intake since becoming a parent. Primarily because the hangovers are just too hard to handle when you have either a broken night’s sleep or an early start. Add to that, since…

  • kitchen skills for teens
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    Kitchen skills for teens

    Has your teen has shown an interest in learning to cook? Or do you just want to encourage them to be a little more independent? Showing them the ropes in the kitchen is vital to ensure their safety and success.…

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    Vegan panko sweet potato bao buns

    One of my favourite vegan brands, Oggs, recently launched their own aquafaba. Aquafaba is the liquid left over from a tin of chickpeas (or other legumes). And it can be used in the same way as eggs, for tonnes of…

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    Wagamama vegan menu review

    Wagamamas have added a number of flavourful options to their already strong vegan menu. Here's what I thought of their new dishes.

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    Five new food launches to try for Veganuary

    Somehow 2020 seems to have gone in a flash of lockdowns, social distancing, hand sanitizing and mask wearing. As we find ourselves in January, and in lockdown once again, let’s cheer ourselves up with good food. As it’s Veganuary, I…

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    Best gifts to buy this Christmas

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Although that is not hard this year is it 😊 For this year’s gift guide I have split into the three sections I focus on in my blog; food, toddlers and self-care.…

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    Delicious twists on the classic hot dog

    I’m sure most of us will have fond memories of hot dogs. They remind me of easy family meals, bonfire nights, festivals (before the food truck scene!). I’m personally a fan of a classic ketchup and mustard combo, but it…