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The Benefits of Arts & Crafts For Children

Making time for your children to have an opportunity to play is the cornerstone of where your child learns to grow as a person. Arts and craft activities help with this greatly in allowing children to discover what they enjoy and having the time to have fun on their own or with their friends, siblings or parents.

In this guide from this boarding school in Berkshire we take a look at the key benefits children have in taking part in arts and crafts activities on a regular basis.

Helps with their fine motor skills

Children are practicing using their hands, fingers and other small joints to make lovely creations on paper, on a canvas or to make some to stick on your fridge. They’re using a lot of different tools to make these creations as well, so it’s great practice for them to show you what they can make with the tools given to them.

Builds their critical thinking skills

There can be a lot riding on your child when they’re thinking freely about what they could create and what’s going to make them happy. Let them think about what tools they need, whether it’s glue, foam, glitter, or paint to help them along the way. Let their creative juices flow!

Encourages them to think inquisitively

It gives them free reign to make whatever their head is thinking about at the time. It could be a nice landscape, a drawing of their family, or something completely made up on the spot – but all of these help your child to be creative and to be allowed the freedom to create whatever they wish.

Improves their confidence

As children are able to think freely, focus on something that is fun and engaging, as well as impressing their parents, they’re increasing their confidence levels. They’ll be more likely to speak up to their parents when they wish, and to be able to think more positively about their future.


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