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The Importance of Forest Schools for Children

A forest school is typically an outdoor area for children to use in schools that provide a different level of teaching. The aim of a forest school is to build a level of self-reflection in a child and to allow them to appreciate nature that’s commonly found right on their doorstep. They’ve grown in prominence in the UK and many parents consider a forest school to aid a child’s development. Here’s why forest schools are important for children.

Boosts a child’s emotional development

Being outside to run a lesson will give a child a lot more awareness of their emotions and feelings. Periods of reflection are encouraged during forest school lessons to allow children to unwind and work on their feelings to correctly express what they feel.

Allows a child to communicate in new ways

Children can talk to people they may not commonly talk to, or work in small groups to achieve certain goals. There’s often a chance for children to express their own feelings with less judgement from other people, and the tasks assigned will encourage children to work with teachers and students on goals.

Improved physical skills

Being outside a lot of the work will rely on your child’s fine and gross motor skills to complete tasks. Improving their general physical skills arms your child with a variety of ways, such as boosting their mental health, gaining positive experiences and improving their social skills.

Gives to your child the chance to connect with nature

The biggest benefit is of course the fact your child is away from the regular setting of a classroom and is given the chance to work in a new and exciting environment. Children can have fun, play with their friends and also learn a lot about nature that can be easily accessible from where they live.


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