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More Than A Present: Why Switching To Sustainable Gifts Is On The Rise

With many finding new ways to be a more sustainable in their day to lives, from switching to travel mugs to take our morning coffee to work, to reusable cotton pads for skincare – there are a variety of options available to help us live a more sustainable lifestyle. With World Fair Trade just around the corner, there are a selection of ways available to show your support for not just on the 8th May, but the days, weeks, months and years following.

Not only can you find ways in your own lives to be more eco-friendly, purchasing sustainable, fair trade gifts for a loved one may help to encourage them to also live a more sustainable lifestyle. As many begin looking into ways to help the environment, sustainable products and gift-giving is also on the rise. However, if you needed a little bit more encouragement about switching to sustainable and eco-friendly gifts, here’s a few reasons as to why ethical gift giving is the new way forward.

More Than A Gift

Ethical gift giving such as purchasing fair trade products is not only a present to the recipient, but also the producers of the product. Fair trade creates free trade work for the world’s poor, meaning that workers on fair trade farms enjoy freedom of association, safe working conditions and sustainable wages.

When looking for a present to buy for a friend or family member, why not purchase an ethical gift? There are many options available such as the Kind Shop which offers a wonderful selection of eco-friendly, vegan and fair trade products available to choose from.

A New Lease Of Life

Consider purchasing a gift which has been recycled or repurposed. Although the common misconception that something which has previously been used is no good, high quality items in good condition can be found (sometimes with little effort) in charity stores or at a car boot sale. In addition to this, vintage and even antique items and clothing can be a wonderful gift for those with that interest. Alongside this, repurposed gifts can also be truly unique, which makes them more personal than a high-street store bought gift.

Helping The Environment

By supporting brands which give conscious weight to sustainability can help us to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations doing the same. There are number of resources which offer guidance on how to live more sustainably, which detail the benefits of being more mindful about the purchases we make.

When choosing gifts, consider not just the materials it uses, but how many times the recipient can use it. If the gift is only a single use product or can only be used a limited number of times, look into ones which can be used time and time again. If they can only be used a handful of times, check to see if the packaging or the item itself is recyclable. 


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