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Supporting the BetterYou Plastic Petition

I share a lot on my blog about sustainability, and recycling is a big part of that. I try to recycle as much as I can (or reuse and repurpose) but there are certainly some barriers to this. Recycling plastic seems to be particularly complicated.

It turns out I’m not alone in feeling this. BetterYou, the innovative natural health company, have launched a campaign for positive change. BetterYou are campaigning for local authorities to create a unified waste plastic collection/recycling programme in the UK.

The petition demands a national, unified programme for waste plastic collection and recycling which is standardised, independently monitored, and publicly reviewed annually.

Almost half of all UK households throw away one or more items that could in fact be recycled, and with just over two thirds putting items in the recycling which cannot be recycled, it’s clear that this has become overly complicated.

You can sign the petition here:

The goal is to achieve 10,000 signatures to enable the petition to be responded to by government, so please support this important campaign.

Current policy lacks the transparency and infrastructure needed to create an effective recycling life cycle and despite a national appetite for recycling and reducing waste, many people have never been more confused over what they can and cannot recycle.

BetterYou are passionate advocates for sustainability. The company has moved its entire product range into either ocean waste or plant-based plastic – all 100% recyclable. They have also recently finished a complex reformulation programme to remove all traces of palm oil and palm oil derivatives from all our products.

BetterYou is an innovative natural health company specialising in the supplementation of the growing number of key nutrients lost through our dramatically changing diet and lifestyle. Their products stand alone in the market place by their unique levels of quality and effectiveness.


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