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Ideas for Halloween crafts with younger children

Crafts have become a big thing in our house lately. Especially now the little lady is a toddler and the weather is taking a turn for the worse so we’re stuck indoors a bit more. She loves colouring, cutting and sticking. And with Halloween being a lot of fun, I wanted to share my ideas for Halloween crafts with younger children.

We were invited to take part in the Halloween Craft Campaign, which sounded right up our street. Viking, which is the well-known stationary and office supplies retailer, sell tonnes of cool stuff to pass a few hours with your little one (and let’s face it, have some fun yourself too). With the spooky holiday just around the corner, it’s a great way to get involved in the fun of Halloween.

If you’re looking for fun Halloween baking ideas too, these cream cheese Halloween cupcakes look amazing. And here’s a fab guide to affordable Halloween party ideas.

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Included in our kit were:

  • Felt tip pens
  • Silver and gold pens
  • A mask template and ideas for masks
  • Spooky stencils
  • Glitter
  • Pumpkin carving kit
  • Coloured paper and card
  • String
  • Trick or treat bag
Ideas for Halloween crafts with younger children
Getting crafty

So this is the part where I ‘fess up and say that I was working on the day my daughter wanted to try out the crafts, so I enlisted my mums help. She did a great job! They made a cat mask (which all of the teddies tried on!) and a bonfire picture. While not strictly Halloween related it fits in well with the time of year. I love that they collected sticks from the garden to use in the picture. It’s such a sweet idea and a great way to integrate some fresh air time into the craft session.

If you’re more serious about your crafts, you might want to use SVGs in your projects. You use SVGs with an electronic cutting machine and it allow you to create stunning designs. If you wanted to do something cute and kitschy for Halloween (or any season really!) then a leaf svg or cat svg would work brilliantly.

Ideas for Halloween crafts with younger children
Ideas for Halloween crafts with younger children

My toddler is obsessed, and I’m not over exaggerating, with glitter, so the picture features plenty of it. She’s not at the age yet to be careful with it so it was used quite liberally (!) and to great effect I think!


I felt at 2.5 years old my daughter is still a bit young for pumpkin carving, so instead we made a pumpkin mask and used it to dress up an orange balloon to look a bit like a pumpkin. The little miss has been watching a Halloween themed Peppa Pig episode so she loved this activity. We also did cut out some ghosts and stuck them to our fireplace for a spooky display. Illuminated by a candle (LED as the fireplace is wood!) this looks quite effective :o)

If you did fancy pumpkin carving it is fun to pick your own first! Here’s a great guide to pumpkin picking in the UK.

Low or no cost halloween crafts
Ideas for Halloween crafts with younger children
Ideas for Halloween crafts with younger children

Craft time is always fun for both mummy and little lady (and nanny on this occasion too!) and it was lovely to get her involved in Halloween. She is starting to understand times of the year more now (summer, Christmas etc) and I’m sure this time next year we’ll be pumpkin picking or dressing up.

If you’re looking for more indoor activity inspiration, check out our fort building fun which is a great way to cosy up when it’s raining outside.


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