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Fort Building with Time4Sleep

For the past few months, the little miss has shown a real interest in building tents and dens, particularly as she enjoys a good game of hide and seek! So when we were invited to take part in the fort building challenge by Time4Sleep we couldn’t resist joining in the fun.

Time4Sleep, a bed and furniture company (who sell some really nice stuff by the way) is holding an event on August 29th in Leeds to try and build the biggest ever blanket fort and break the current world record. To help set the scene, Time4Sleep have challenged parenting bloggers and their little ones to build their own forts at home.

We were sent a box of goodies to get us started, and I don’t know who was more excited, me or the little one! We received building supplies, decorations, and a load of fun stuff to use in our fort.

We decided to build our fort in the living room as it’s where we spend most of our time at the moment. All of P’s toys and teddies are in there (apart from a few she has in her bed) so a bit more stuff to add to chaos didn’t seem to matter!

Armed with the supplies from Time4Sleep and some garden canes (we bought ours from Amazon) we set about making our fort which was in classic teepee style. We considered something a bit more adventurous but as little miss is still only 2, her patience is still relatively limited and she didn’t want to wait too long for her fort! She was very good at passing me things and playing with all of the building materials, sometimes while I was trying to use them!

She was very excited about getting her new place to play, read and chill out and when we finished it, she absolutely loved it. As a tip, we ended up cutting some of the corners of the fitted sheets to make them easier to use, because we were making a teepee-type fort, the elastic was making it a bit difficult to move the sheets around the frame. The pegs provided helped to keep things in place.

We put a blanket on the floor and added some cushions to make it nice and cosy inside. Time4Sleep sent us some battery operated lights which are so pretty. We did put them up around the entrance but P decided to tug at them so we changed tack and put them inside a jug to make a lamp. It looked surprisingly effective!

We were also sent some popcorn but as toddlers shouldn’t have popcorn until they are a bit older, I replaced it with some Organix Goodies apple and cinnamon puffcorn. It looks a lot like popcorn but it doesn’t have any hard kernels and is it bigger pieces so little mouths have to bite it and chew it. It looked really tasty in the snack boxes sent as part of our kit.

We enjoyed cosying up in our fort and reading, chatting and playing games. It was surprisingly spacious and fitted an adult and a toddler in there! We did decorate some of the bunting too but the string got very tangled when we tried to put it up so in the end we kept it to use next time.

A big thank you to Time4Sleep for providing us some goodies to get our fort building fun started!


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