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Top Tips for Cleaning Your Garden Decking

In need of ways to keep your decking for your patio or garden area clean and fresh all year round? With the summer months drawing to a close it’s time to look at what you can do to keep your deck looking sparkling around the year. We asked the garden decking experts to look at top tips to keep your decking clean all year round.

Keep on top of it during the colder months

You’re less likely to be firing up the BBQ when it’s cold and windy. Autumn and winter bring a lot of rain, the leaves fall off the trees and there tends to be a lot of decaying plant life in your garden to clean up. A regular brush down of the decking will keep it looking fresh all year round and to keep it relatively free of debris and dirt.

Using soap and water

To start cleaning the decking, soap and water is a good place to start. You need to work up a good lather to start cleaning the decks, depending on how dirty your decking was to begin with. Use a brush in a regular sweeping motion in one direction to push away the dirt and grime from your decking and wash away any soapy liquid with water.

Using deck cleaner

If your deck is in serious need of a clean, you ought to consider using a deck cleaning solution to get through the thick of it. The solution works by diluting the solution in water and scrubbing the product onto the decking and leaving for a little while before washing away with water.

Use washing detergent for a quicker clean

If you’re looking for a quick home remedy to keep on top of a clean decking then look at using a little bit of laundry detergent and salt to make a paste. Lay this out on your decking for a few hours and then rinse away when you think you’ve cleaned the decking as much as it can handle.


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