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What essentials do you need for a newborn?

How do you choose the essentials that you need for a newborn? Here are my tried and tested tips.

If you’re already thinking about weaning, here are some great snack ideas for weaning babies.

What essentials do you need for a newborn?

Aldi Mamia Nappies

These nappies are amazing! They are great value, easy to put on and hold their own during even the worst explosive nappies (sorry for TMI!). All sizes are great for keeping little ones dry. The rave reviews these nappies get are completely justifed.


I know wipes aren’t for everyone and some people prefer cotton wool and water. Personally I’m not that organised so wipes are a much easier solution for this mama. Waterwipes are a brilliant concept. They are made moist with just water (99.9%) and 0.1% fruit extract. Their cleaning ability is superb while remaining nice and natural for baby’s soft skin. The small packs of 10 wipes are perfectly sized for the changing bag.

NUK Luna breast pump

The NUK Luna breast pump is perfect for combination feeding and expressing. It is comfortable to use, with clear instructions. The two speeds of the pump help with the process. It is very straightforward to disassemble in order to sterilise the different parts.

Wimmer Ferguson Grasp and Grow rattle

Wimmer Ferguson toys are very cleverly designed for newborns, making great use of black and white images. Newborns only see in black and while during the early days of their development. The Grasp and Grow rattle is brilliant and holds the attention of babies really well. They also make cot mobiles which are fantastic.


The Boppy breastfeeding pillow is perfect as babies get bigger and therefore heavier. The pillow is very sturdy and secure to take the weight of baby. This takes the strain off your arms especially during long feeding sessions. As your little one grows you can use it for tummy time, and then helping babies to sit up.

Vital Baby Aquaint Sanitising Water

This has been a fantastic find for cleaning up after nappy changes, wiping baby items clean, sanitising hands at home and on the go. You name it, this water can take on the cleanliness challenge! With no alcohol or harsh chemicals, this sanitising water is perfect for our skin and sensitive baby skin.

Hopefully this has provided a good starting list for tried and tested essentials you need for a newborn.

If you’re also thinking about sleeping arrangements for your newborn, this post on the Mokee Wool Nest is worth a read. 



  • Sinead Gaffney

    I’m due my first baby in October and this post is so helpful! I’ve also heard great things about the Aldi nappies so will definitely have to grab a few packs of those and the water wipes, I don’t think I’ll be using cotton wool and water either if they do the job then anything for an easy life!

    • infullflavour

      Anything for an easy life is definitely a good mantra! We haven’t found the Aldi nappies as good now our daughter is older, but when she was a newborn (and up to about 1.5yrs) they were amazing. And such good value which really helps when they get through so many at that age x

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