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Advice for Preparing Your Child For Nursery

Your child’s now old enough to go to nursery! Making new friends, learning how to speak more often, interacting with teachers and exploring a heap of different ways to learn can be a daunting prospect for some children and parents too. In this guide from a nursery in Archway we take a look at the ways to prepare your child for their first big steps.

Socialising your toddler

Prepare your child for the big change in their life when they start to see multiple people their age and size. Have time to have some play dates with other toddlers of a similar age to see how they get on and to be able to practice their socialisation skills. Toddler groups are also great for this to show your child how to behave in front of a lot of different children, learning how to take it in turns with children and to be fair with the toy sharing.

Remain calm as you take them to nursery

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the prospect that your child will be alone for some time with a lot of different children and adults. It’s important to remain calm and positive as your child goes to nursery – it’s a hugely educational experience for children to get involved with and will be massively beneficial for you and your child too.

Opt for settling in sessions at first

You may find that your child’s struggling with their first few days at nursery without their parents. In these cases you can look to attend some settling sessions where you can attend a few sessions a week with your child. Your child has the chance to feel more comfortable if a parent or someone they recognise is around guiding through their first chances of independence. You as a parent also have the chance to see the set up at the nursery and what your child should expect each day.


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