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AQUA Carpatica review

I’m a huge advocate for nitrate-free food. Check out my blog post on Unearthed to read more about this! I was very pleased to have the chance to review AQUA Carpatica. This bottled water is naturally nitrate-free and has a low sodium level. This is an impressive boast over other bottled waters.

AQUA Carpatica is sourced from the Carpathian Mountains. These are spread across Eastern and Central Europe. The water source is protected from chemicals, fertilisers, CFCs and other contaminants. Very good news for anyone conscious of what they eat and drink.


This is a very impressive background to its production. So the next thing on the agenda is the taste test. The water has garnered great reviews and won a taste test with Olive Magazine. I was keen to see whether I shared the opinions of their judges.

I’m happy to report I certainly do. The water tastes so fresh and clean, which I know water should (!). But I find some bottled waters have an unusual aftertaste. Some definitely have the salty taste that AQUA Carpatica avoids. It is very refreshing and easy to drink. This makes it great for keeping hydrated.

I also love the packaging. The glass bottles are classy and look great on the table. The square small bottles are lovely to hold and drink from.

Another notable benefit is the price. I’m often a bit wary of healthy products. I feel the price is hiked up to capitalise on the benefits they offer. Contrary to this, AQUA Carpatica is reasonably priced, especially given its nitrate-free benefits. RRPs are:

  • 65p for 500ml Still Natural Mineral Water
  • 69p for 500ml Naturally Sparkling Natural Mineral Water
  • 79p for 1 litre and £0.99 for 1.5 litre Still Natural Mineral Water
  • £1.09 for 1.5 litre Naturally Sparkling Natural Mineral Water

AQUA Carpatica also naturally contains electrolytes and minerals, including Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium. These are vital for hydration during pregnancy. While I don’t plan on having any more babies, I would certainly recommend this to my pregnant friends and blog readers.

AQUA Carpatica is available at my favourite online supermarket, Ocado. You can also buy from Amazon and a number of other outlets across the UK. I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys bottled water. Or those who want an added incentive to keep hydrated. It is a superb addition to the bottled water market. I for one can see it has a great future ahead.

Have you tried AQUA Carpatica? Given its benefits would you buy it over other brands?


Thanks to Palm PR and Aqua Carpatica for offering me the products for review. As always my reviews are honest and are not influenced by the provision of free products. 

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