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Vonshef slow cooker review

Having a slow cooker is a great addition to the kitchen. It’s a fantastic way to prepare healthy and hearty meals that can be ready straight after work. This is incredibly helpful with a busy job and family life to juggle. I have the Vonshef slow cooker in a 6.5l capacity. I get asked a lot whether I would recommend it, so here are my thoughts.

Size and aesthetics

The 6.5l Vonshef slow cooker is a good size for us as a family of three. Its large capacity allows me to cook bigger portions, so we can eat half and freeze half for another day.

Vonshef slow cooker

I’d always imagined slow cookers to be clunky and old fashioned, but the Vonshef is rather stylish. My kitchen is new and modern, and the slow cooker certainly doesn’t look out of place sitting on the work surface. It’s not too bulky to pop into a cupboard when I’m not going to be using it for a while though.

I like that the Vonshef slow cooker has fast, slow and auto settings. The first time I used it, I fiddled around a bit too much and kept changing it from slow to fast. Now I set it to auto and let the cooker work out what to do.

Cleaning the Vonshef slow cooker

The slow cooker is pretty easy to clean. What I would say is don’t leave it too long before you wash it out though as it will be harder work. But with a good scrub the pot and lid come up nice and clean, ready for the next use.


I cook a lot of different meals in my Vonshef slow cooker. These include baby friendly chicken casserole, pulled pork (which is particularly amazing) and curry. To make life easier for myself, I prep whatever I can the night before I use the cooker and then pop everything into it in the morning. It always cooks meat to be tender and moist, while vegetables are soft but not falling to pieces.

Overall thoughts on the Vonshef slow cooker

For anyone who wants to cook homely meals with ease, I would definitely suggest investing in a slow cooker. And, having tried it for myself, I can highly recommend the Vonshef slow cooker. It does everything you need it to, and with a price tag of around £40 you can’t go wrong.

For more information you can view the slow cooker on the Vonhaus website.


Would you consider getting a slow cooker?

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