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All pack shots in this post are from unearthed®

As a self-confessed foodie fanatic, trying out new foods is really important to me. After all, grocery shopping is never the most exciting chore, so I enjoy being able to liven it up by testing new and undiscovered items that will hopefully leave me smiling.

One of my hands down favourite finds from last year was the fabulous Unearthed range. I’d seen their range of olives and meats in Waitrose but had never tried them. Until during a regular shop on Ocado we needed some olives and as we’d been a bit disappointed with a few previous choices, we decided to give Unearthed a whirl.

It sounds very grandiose to say but I think it was one of the best decisions we’ve made! Our first taste of Unearthed was the Nocellara Olives, which are divine. They are so fresh and full of flavour, we were hooked! They are the type of olives I imagined you could only find in the Mediterranean, not here in Blighty. I’m delighted that Unearthed have brought them to our fridges! Here are some other faves:

unearthed large free range omeletteSpanish Omelette – you can get these in three varieties – potato, chorizo or spinach. They are all equally scrummy! I love them as a change from a sandwich at lunchtime.

Kalamata olives in an orange and Sipsmith Gin dressing – I was dubious about these when I first tried them, as I was worried the orange and gin would be overpowering. But I was very wrong. In fact, the tastes are really complementary and combine for a delicious tasting snack. Even better with a glass of cold, crisp white wine or a refreshing Gin and Tonic. (Sipsmith is also a perfect brand for Unearthed to select – it’s an artisan gin, high on quality.)

Smoked semi-dried tomatoes – these were amazing! I’m not a big fan of sundried tomatoes but as these were semi-dried, they were still chockfull of flavour. We had them on their own as a snack and also on homemade pizza. Not only are they yummy but they’re super healthy, as they are full of lycopenes!

The best way I can describe the unearthed range is deli quality food, sourced from expert producers across the world, but without having to pay deli prices. What’s not to love? I think the only thing that would complete their range would be a lovely bake at home bread, as I bet it would be fantastic!

Let me know if you love Unearthed too or if you’re going to give it a go now!

PS – look out for my mozzarella and chorizo pasta bake recipe coming soon. I’ve switched to using Unearthed Chorizo for this as their chorizo doesn’t contain any nitrates, which is good news!

Many thanks to the marketing team at Unearthed for sending me some new products to try out when I contacted them for some photos. Can’t wait for them to be on sale!

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