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How to make time for healthy eating

How often do you (and I confess to this as well!) say things like ‘I didn’t have time to eat a healthy meal’ or ‘there’s no time for me to cook healthy meals’? It is hard when you’re really pushed for time and it can be difficult to get out this mindset. Luckily, there are some easy steps to help make time for a healthy and balanced diet.

It might not feel like it right now, but with these handy tips, you will hopefully start to think differently. So, if you are interested in finding out more, keep reading!

Tip 1 – Meal Prep

One of the first things to think about doing is meal prepping. This saves you a lot of time through the week, and guarantees that you are going to have something tasty to eat each day. Not only this, but as you have prepared all of the meals when you did have time to cook, you will be able to ensure that each meal you eat is nutritious and full of all the things that you need for a balanced diet.

You can look up some meal ideas online that you can be cooked in batch (chilli, lasagne, casserole are all good examples) and then either put in the fridge or freezer until you need them. You can even take this one step further and think of some days in the future when you know you won’t feel like cooking. Take one of your prepped portions out of the freezer in advance, for a fast and convenient meal.

You can also use freeze boards if you want to keep something cold and you are on the go, or heat packs to keep food at a good temperature throughout the day until you are ready to eat.

Tip 2 – Bulk Buy

There are people who go shopping every day instead of every week or even every month. Of course, if you shop on a monthly basis then you will have to go out and get things such as bread and milk throughout the week. However, the bulk of your food such as food that’s in a can, or meat which can be frozen, can be bought all at once. This helps by reducing the amount of time you have to spend going to the shops to get the ingredients for your meals.

Tip 3 – Bye To Processed Foods

Finally, and this is a hard one, you should say goodbye to processed foods. This is easier said than done, especially if you rely on them (I’ve been there!) but it can be done.

By telling yourself that you are no longer going to be eating these processed foods and only buying nutritious foods such as fruit or vegetables, you are forming a habit for the future. You might think that these foods are easier, but with a little thought and planning, food such as a vegetable omelette with a salad, can take even less time than heating up ready-bought meals.

Hopefully these are some useful tips, and it has set you on the road to believing that there is always time to eat more healthily. And for a meal idea, try this healthy steak recipe with peppered potatoes.


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