Exploring STEM Subjects with Your Child
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Exploring STEM Subjects with Your Child

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. These four subjects are incredibly beneficial to your child because they help to build up a strong set of skills for their future. Here are a few examples from an independent school in Hertfordshire on exploring STEM subjects with your child.

Learn by experimenting

Children are curious and love to ask questions and learn how things work. To help stimulate your child’s curiosity you could set up some home experiments. Have a look in your kitchen cupboards to see what items you can use. For example, you can mix baking soda and vinegar together to create a fun and safe eruption!

Explore STEM outdoors

Children learn most effectively when they are able to use all of their senses. This is why learning outdoors is a great way to teach children about STEM subjects. Exploring nature and observing the weather will provide you with plenty of STEM learning opportunities, so get outside and find inspiration.

Practice maths with games

Board games are another fun STEM learning method. Board games will often get kids doing maths without even realising it. For example, Snakes and Ladders and Monopoly both require your child to practice counting as they make their way around the game. It’s a really fun way of exploring STEM subjects with your child.

Exploring STEM Subjects with Your Child
Play with water

Water play is an ideal learning activity for younger children. Experiment with different materials and see which ones sink and which ones float. You can also explore what happens to certain materials when you add them to water.

Build with blocks

To help your child explore engineering, how about building a ramp out of blocks? Help your child to design a small ramp structure for a toy car or train. By designing their own ramp your child will not only have to think about the structure, but they will also need to determine which heights and angles will bring their toy vehicle safely to the bottom.


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