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Best STEM toys to introduce science to toddlers through play

AD (gifted product) – Working in the education sector I know there is a big issue with getting children to consider Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) careers. This is even truer of the female gender, who are massively under-represented in the UK STEM sector. Luckily, we can help address this imbalance from an early age through play. So when I got to work with online toy specialist, Wicked Uncle, I knew they’d be perfect to find a plethora of STEM toys. These will encourage our youngsters, especially our daughters, to engage with science and technology from their first years.


Top picks from Wicked Uncle

Here’s my pick of their top 3 STEM toys for toddlers and the benefits they can offer:

  1. Hape four stage rocket ship – We have bought this for our nearly 3-year-old girl instead of a dolls house. She is just getting into imaginative play and this four level rocket is so much fun. There are loads of moving parts including a working lift between all of different floors. It’s going to be great for getting her interested in space, science and also problem solving. This is a great skill for STEM subjects! We love Hape toys and have quite a few (you can see what I have previously recommended here).
  2. 1-2-3 Build-It Rocket, Train and Helicopter – This is great introduction for little ones into engineering and construction. With 17 pieces that easily snap together, your toddler can crate a rocket, train or helicopter. The pieces are perfectly chunky for small hands and help them to understand how things fit and work together.
  3. Splashology water lab – an early step into experiments, with water lab has 19 durable pieces such as test tubes, floater flasks and bubble wands. While there will no doubt be lots of play with this set, it also offers the chance for little ones to conduct mini-experiments using the waterproof instruction cards, such as buoyancy and water flow. Perfect for inquisitive minds.
STEM toys from Wicked Uncle
STEM toys from Wicked Uncle

Other awesome things

As well as many STEM and different category toys, Wicked Uncle offers some cool add on services. You can have your product gift wrapped for a small charge, and include a card with a personalised message. They also have a joke factory on their website and a blog with tonnes of great advice and recommendations.

Once we placed our order for the Hape Rocket we got regular updates on the delivery. It arrived super promptly. I can see why Wicked Uncle get such positive reviews as their customer service was great. So next time you’re looking for presents (and with Christmas just around the corner) check out the fab offering from Wicked Uncle. You’re sure to find something to suit every child’s interests and favourite activities.


This post is in collaboration with Wicked Uncle who gifted me a £40 voucher to buy something from their website and try out their service. As always the provision of free products or meals does not influence my views, which remain entirely my own, and are always honest.

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