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Interior design trends for 2020

Our baby is growing up so quickly (we are fast approaching her third birthday!) we have been thinking that it is time to focus on updating the house a little. Inevitably when you have small children all of your best laid plans get put on hold. Now it’s time to push the house up on the ‘to do’ list I’ve been looking at 2020 interior design trends.

Interior design trends

I’m not really one for trends, preferring to go with what we like rather than what is fashionable. But they are definitely a good place to start for some inspiration.

The Scandi trend of last year is still going strong, although it has been updated and is now being referred to as Nordic. This trend is notable by its understated presence. It favours muted tones, natural materials and a more simplistic approach to home décor. This does not mean comprising on style however, but just choosing pieces in a more considered way (essentially less is more). This suits me down to the ground as I am all about the minimalist lifestyle (pity my toddler doesn’t agree given her hundreds of toys!).

Interior design trends for 2020 Nordic trend

The overall idea is that you create a calm, comfy, chilled out space that aids relaxation, making your home your inviting sanctuary from the outside world. For me, this kind of décor would certainly help with that; I’m not one for bright and bold patterns or colours.

Natural light

A noticeable element of the Nordic trend is the amount of light it throws into a room. Of course natural light is drawn into a room through windows, so it might be time for an upgrade. We have over time been replacing all of the old windows in our house, and it makes such a big difference. If you’re working to a budget, there are cheap windows out there without compromising on quality – particularly if you shop in sales or look for special offers.

Interior design trends for 2020 Nordic trend

Windows are one of those things that you don’t always notice the difference until you have replaced them. But getting rid of flaking, misty or mouldy windows will really let more light into your home, as well as just looking so much cleaner, fresher and brighter.  

Low cost ideas

There are still ways to embrace this trend even if you don’t want replace furniture or spend significant amounts of money. Soft furnishing such as cushions, rugs and curtains are all great ways to refresh to look of a space without going to great expense. Without bold colours, there is more room to experiment with textures and tactile qualities.

Interior design trends for 2020 Nordic trend

Candle holders, shelving, and other decorative elements such as lamps can all add to the ambience and design of a room, without the need for a complete overhaul.

Useful resources

There are lots of great resources out there to aid your interior design plans. These include a variety of topics including Spatial Design Tips to Make a Room Look Bigger.

The main thing is to have fun choosing how your new decor will look and then making that a reality!


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