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Five new food launches to try for Veganuary

January can be a bit slow, dark and cold. So let’s cheery ourselves up with good food. In the spirit of choosing plant-based, here’s my roundup of new food launches to try for Veganuary. Not only do these taste amazing, they are helping the planet.

New food launches to try for Veganuary

Wagamamas new vegan dishes

I’ve always had a soft spot for Wagamamas. It was my go to lunch spot for many years when I worked in a previous job, two minutes away from a branch. Now I rely on takeaways to get my fix!

Wagamamas have launched a host of new vegan alternatives to several of their popular dishes. And for Veganuary they are back with another inspirational menu addition: Tempura F-ish + Bang Bang Yaki-imo. A flavour packed Japanese inspired take on the British classic, Fish and Chips.

Lightly tempura coated ‘f-ish’, made from a mix of soy, rice and pea protein, replicates the taste and flaky texture of fish. The chips are roasted sweet potato chunks and red onion, coated in wagamama’s famous firecracker sauce.

Dough-Chi Chocolate Truffle and Chocolate Chip

Veganuary Dough-chi Chocolate Truffle
Veganuary Dough-chi Chocolate Chip

From the much-loved Doughlicious is Dough-chi – a sensational cookie dough twist on the uber-popular Japanese dessert, mochi.  

Made with natural ingredients, Dough-chi is a ready to eat frozen treat. Leave them for a minute to soften slightly for the very best experience. While there are more flavours, the Chocolate Truffle and Chocolate Chip are 100% plant based.

Domino’s PepperoNAY

Much-loved, nationwide pizza delivery chain Domino’s is expanding its vegan menu for Veganuary. The Vegan PepporNAY (epic name) is a perfect plant-based pizza choice.

It is sprinkled with vegan cheese and topped with a specially created vegan pepperoni from The Vegetarian Butcher. The vegan PepperoNAY is served with the delicious vegan friendly version of the iconic Garlic & Herb dip. This means foodie fans can enjoy the full dunking experience.

Tortilla Vegan Quesadilla

Mexican food has to be up there with my favourite cuisines. So it’s very exciting to see fast-casual restaurant brand Tortilla embracing plant-based cheese alternatives for Veganuary.

Tortilla is partnering with Applewood Vegan, which will form part of the filling of the vegan quesadilla. The dish will also feature Tortilla’s signature vegan chilli no carne and grilled veggies. You also get a side of tortilla chips, fresh salsa verde and a pot of the restaurant group’s famous hand-smashed guacamole.

You can order from their branches or via Deliveroo.

McDonald’s McPlant

Perhaps not where you would immediately associate with a plant-based diet, McDonald’s has been adding to its vegan offering. Its flagship menu item is the McPlant, and following a successful trial at over 250 restaurants, it will now be available nationwide.

The impressive McPlant, which took over three years to develop, features a patty co-developed with Beyond Meat® and is already a big hit with customers.

What will you be trying this Veganuary?



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