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Christmas Gift Guide for toddlers

So here it is, rushing up at us like a bullet train, that most wonderful time of the year. Yes, Christmas is right around the corner and if you’re anything like me, it goes hand in hand with thinking I’ve still got loads of time before the big day, until I realise it’s actually only a week away and I haven’t done a jot. This year in an attempt to be organised I’ve started things a little earlier and that includes my gift guides. 

As I did last year, I’ve put together a gift guide from one of our daughter’s favourite toy brands, Hape. With the increase in awareness of what plastic is doing to our environment, it seemed fitting to champion a company who sell beautifully made toys from sustainable wood. 

Prices are RRP, and most items on this list can be bought online.

Fire Station – RRP £89.99

P (and I’m sure most kids) is really into ‘nee-naws’ lately, making the noise whenever an emergency vehicle goes past us, and pointing them out in books and even on her socks. So that’s why this Fire Station is bound to be a huge hit. With 3 levels of fun, the set comes with a helicopter and fire engine, and the attention to detail is fab, including a working bell, lights and siren. This is currently discounted at Smyths Toys for £69.99 so snap it up while you can!

Playful Piano – RRP £69.99

This adorable miniature piano has eighteen child-sized keys, and is big enough for little ones to sit at and play. It’s great for getting toddlers to try out different sounds, as well as developing their understanding of cause and effect when they hit the keys. Great for introducing little-ones to musical instruments early on, even if it’s not something they pursue in later life. 

Tea for Two set – RRP £17.99

A lot of toddlers enjoy playing tea parties and this set is such a beautiful way to enhance that play. The set features cups, a teapot, milk and sugar pots, coasters, a tray, spoon and even a tea bag. Like most of Hape’s products the thought behind the products is just lovely and I’m sure this would deliver hours of happy time for little ones.

Busy City Playset – RRP £15.99

This may be small but it is super cute! Kids will love running the cars around the road playmat (and of course all over the house as well!). The felt base pieces together as a jigsaw, and for the price a lot is included; 7 vehicles, a tree, a lighthouse, a house and string to attach the vehicles to.

Aqua Retro Kitchen – RRP £69.99

Being a food blogger maybe I’m naturally drawn towards this, but what a cool kitchen playset! This is big enough for toddlers to really engage with but no so large that you’ll have no living room left. It’s great value too as it comes with four wooden utensils, a built in clock, the taps and cooker knobs move and the oven door drops down. A really lovely set. 

Wonderful Beech Blocks – RRP £12.99

With this 101-piece set toddlers will have endless fun exploring the different shapes and colours of these blocks. Stacking them up and knocking them down will provide hours of entertainment! And with the different types of shapes little ones can enjoy making bridges, castles, houses and many more structures and ideas. 

I hope this provides some ideas to get you started on your Christmas gifts for toddlers. Happy shopping! You can also get some inspiration from my for the food-lovers in your life with my gift guide for foodies.


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