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What are the benefits of drama classes for children?

You may not consider drama to be that important to your child’s overall education and development. Especially when compared to subjects like English or Maths. However, there are many benefits to drama lessons that help enrich your child’s learning journey. Most children enjoy a weekly drama lesson, especially whilst they’re young. It helps them develop key skills that can be transferred to other lessons and even throughout life. Here is some more information about the importance of drama classes, from a private prep school in Surrey.

Confidence boost

The most obvious benefit of drama lessons is that they help boost a child’s confidence. By performing in front of people, even if it’s only a small group of peers as opposed to a large audience, your child learns how to confidently and coherently speak up in front of others. Of course, this also helps with communication and language skills. Drama lessons provide a safe and structured environment where your child feels comfortable with experimentation. Slowly but surely, they are able to break out of their shell.

Teamwork and listening

Children also learn the importance of teamwork during their drama lessons. Unless they support one another during a performance, the routine will fall flat. Teamwork is an important skill, which will serve them well in the future when they embark on a career.

During each drama lesson, students are encouraged to listen to one another’s thoughts and ideas. They often have to take it in turns. Concentration, listening and co-operation are all crucial life skills that can be applied in virtually every lesson throughout a child’s education.

Developing valuable skills

As you can see, drama lessons allow children to develop in ways that will help them during their school life and also as they become adults. If they are not necessarily comfortable taking centre stage during a performance, teachers can encourage them to try out other tasks, like stage design, lighting or music. Essentially, there’s something for everyone where drama is concerned. It provides a fantastic opportunity for children to take a break from a normal classroom setting.


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