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Six Good Study Habits for Children

Doing well at school requires a variety of skills so it’s important that your child adopts excellent study habits throughout their academic journey. As a parent, you can help encourage and inspire your child and keep them on the right track to success. I have collaborated with a junior school in the Cotswolds to come up with the following list of good study habits that we should promote in our children.

Six good study habits for children


Students need to prioritise their school work above leisure time (whilst still taking regular breaks), so they have to be able to organise their time efficiently. Being organised is a really important Good Study Skill, and may require support for your child to master it. You could perhaps help them prepare a schedule or invest in a diary so that they stay on top of things.

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While this might seem irrelevant to education, being tidy is actually very important for many reasons. It’s very difficult to be organised and messy at the same time. What’s more, if your child is messy they might misplace their homework and other school supplies.


Being positive is very valuable, not just for school children but for adults too. A negative attitude towards upcoming exams or other aspects of their education will make it hard for kids to do well. Instead, you should encourage them to be optimistic and have a can do attitude. You can help them with this by focussing on their strengths and praising them where necessary.


In order to do well at school, children need to be good listeners. If they go to their lessons and zone out, they won’t remember the subjects when it comes up in the exams. Make sure your child has a hearty, healthy breakfast each morning so that they have good attention span in class.

Six good study habits for children


Lots of kids skim read assigned books or other literary texts rather than reading them properly. While this saves time it won’t help them understand the main points they’ve just read. Parents should encourage their kids to read often from a young age.


Consistent, short bursts of studying will be far more beneficial to your kids than long cramming sessions a week before the tests. Your kids should exercise their brains on a regular basis, even if it’s just a simple task like reading over past notes.


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