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Teaching your child about nutrition & exercise

When it comes to talking to children about nutrition and exercise, it can be something that goes through one ear and comes out the other.

Nowadays, many children across the globe are micro nutrient deficient. While it is normal for your child to be picky when it comes to their food, it is still important for them to get their nutrition.

Good nutrition healthy exercise habits begin at a very young age. Here is some advice from an Independent School in Cambridge on teaching your child about nutrition and exercise.

Talk about the importance

Focus on the importance of nutrition and physical activity for your child. Ensure that they understand that it’s about feeling good and staying healthy. It is important to avoid connecting good physical health and healthy eating for trying to lose weight or become slim. Try and not use statements such as ‘drinking water will keep you slim’, instead say ‘drinking water is important for everyone no matter what their goal is’.

Make it fun

Talk about how fun it can be to eat while and be physically active. If your child is aware of how good it can make you feel and how much energy it gives you, it will instantly spark an interest in them. Share your personal stories with them about healthy eating and being active but remembering to avoid conversations about losing weight.

Routine is key

Incorporate healthy foods into your meals. If good nutritious food is already part of your child’s diet, then eating well when they are older will not come so difficultly to them. The same goes to exercising. If activities such as bike riding, swimming and regular walks already part of your child’s routine, they will find exercise to come quite naturally to them.

Modelling behaviour

Be sure to model the right behaviour in front of your child and show the positive effect it has had on you by eating well and exercising regularly. Remember to avoid discussing your child’s weight in front of them as this can create the wrong idea and relationship when it comes to both food and nutrition.

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