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Things To Have For Breakfast On A Busy Day

Breakfast is the best way to kick start your day, it starts your metabolism and gets you feeling full and ready for the day ahead. It also is one of the ways you can put some goodness into your body before you’ve even woken up properly.

The food industry is always changing and growing, one of the biggest things we have seen an increase is in the demand for different options when it comes to animal products and a lot of brands are taking advantage of this. So brands are evolving with this and offering different choices.

We all have a favorite breakfast that is our go-to but it might not be the healthiest, it could be pastries and coffee but you won’t get much nutrition from that and will have a sugar crash early morning making it harder to get to your lunch break. If you can start the day and get up a little earlier you can give yourself more time to sit and enjoy a nice and healthy breakfast. 

Yogurt As A Base

Choosing something like a natural or greek yogurt for breakfast is great as they are full of probiotics that keep your gut healthy. They can also help you feel fuller as they are full of protein too. Having it on its own is very boring and wouldn’t be particularly pleasant so you can make it better by adding fruit, honey, nuts, and anything you want. Some days you can even add a little bit of chocolate for that more naughty choice but keep it full of fruit as well to help contribute towards your 5 a day. 

Oatmeal Is A Staple

Oatmeal is a filling and delicious breakfast and just like yogurt something you can build on and add extra bits to make it more delicious. Fruit, honey, and nuts are top choices but you can choose whatever you fancy and mix it up all the time.


Eggs are a real versatile and nutritious option to go for, you can cook them in so many ways and add all different things to them to make your breakfast super tasty. Being full of protein will keep you fuller for longer. You can have some form of vegetable with them to get in your 5 a day as well. You could try:

  • Eggs florentine
  • Scrambled eggs with vegetables
  • Vegetable omelet
  • Fried egg and spinach bagel
  • Healthy full English 

Coffee To Wake You Up

Coffee is a go-to for a lot of people in the morning, the caffeine can help wake you up and is a firm favorite but most of the population. There are also so many options like cappuccino, black coffee, latte, and you can even add in flavors to make it more exciting. It is an easy and quick thing to grab on the way to work with a coffee shop on most corners you don’t even have to make it yourself. You can grab a freshly brewed and great quality coffee on the go.

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