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Helping Your Child Develop their Vocabulary

When we’re learning to develop our reading and writing skills, part of that comes from learning to understand new words, complicated words and synonyms. They all give your child the experience to develop their vocabulary, and it provides children with the skills to write more complex pieces, get into creative writing and even more.

To help develop your child’s vocabulary, here are some top tips this private school in Harrow recommends.

Get your child reading often

A child will naturally pick up a lot of new words through regular reading of various books and stories that are at their level. Some children can become more advanced over time quicker than others, but you can work with your child on a set of books that suit their level and over time work towards more advanced stories. Even half an hour of reading a night can boost your child’s skills.

Go through learning synonyms

When your child begins to have a grasp of the most common words, get them learning some synonyms instead. These synonyms mean that your child can better express themselves in sentences and have the chance to use more words. Having more words in their word bank can test them to use them in a range of scenarios.

Repetition is key

Repeating new words over and over again is probably the biggest tip you can have. Keep using new words in sentences and in different contexts so that your child can pick up when and where they can use them. Similarly with learning synonyms, you can try and use these new words in different ways to keep your child on their toes.

Another way to practice new words is by playing spelling games with them, like using fridge magnets to allow your child to learn how to spell the more complicated words they pick up. Spelling bee games will help a child remember the new words they’ve learnt and can memorise them whenever they’re writing.


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