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The Benefits of Coding Lessons for Children

Coding is growing in a big way and is proving popular in the younger generation. It’s something that will become more prominent in people’s CVs and in future careers, coding is going to become a lot more in-demand skill to have. It also sparks a lot of creativity for children. Here in this guide from prep school in Cheshire we explore the biggest benefits that coding brings to children.

They’re learning a heap of new skills

Gone are the days of more conventional teaching in schools and now comes the time where children are able to explore more of the subjects around STEM. It’s a great opportunity for your child to explore brand new skills that are not the norm, in order for them to develop knowledge in new areas. As technology is the future, children are being armed with the best skills for a modern age.

It sparks a new level of creativity

Being creative can be easily found in coding, with a range of ways that code can create games, computer animations, images and website features. There’s also a chance for your child to trial and test a lot of things in real time to see what works and what doesn’t. Having a platform to feel creative in a modern age can boost a child’s abilities to think independently and outside of the box.

Greatly improves a child’s CV

There are a lot more job roles these days that can rely on some level of coding, and it can be even greater when it comes to making games or developing websites from scratch. Those skills are in serious demand and can really define your child’s CV when it comes to applying for jobs or even university courses in the future. Your child can really stand out from the competition with their new skills.


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