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The Importance of English Literature Lessons in Schools

English literature plays a vital role in making sure that children are ready and set for life by teaching them literacy skills and life lessons. The reason why it’s a compulsory subject that’s taught up until GCSE. We asked one of the best boarding schools in the UK for more information on the importance of English literature lessons in schools and this is what they shared.

Life Skills

The most obvious reason why English is important is because it teaches children how to read, write and speak effectively with others. They learn new vocabulary and how to write formally which is vital for things like writing letters.

Creating Valid and Convincing Points

English teaches children how to create strong arguments with frameworks like PEE (point, evidence, and explanation). From that, they learn how to find evidence and think critically to build arguments. This adds weight to what they have to say, helping them to achieve their purpose successfully. In essay-based subjects this is an essential skill.


As well as learning about the language that we use today, children learn about that of the past. They explore historic texts like plays written by William Shakespeare and in doing so learn about what times were like. Having this knowledge can help them to be more clued up about their culture and aid them in their history lessons.


English is a subject where regardless of the point made, if you do it well, you can score highly. This requires an element of creativity and practising it can help them to be more innovative.

An Open Mind

As they explore the writing of different authors, your child will begin to think from the perspectives of others and learn to think with an open mind. Again, this will help them to build their creativity and help them to be empathetic towards others.


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