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How to improve self-confidence in 2024 

How are your new year’s resolutions looking? As we make our way through January, it’s possible that some of the goals you set for yourself are beginning to slip. However, if one of your aims for 2024 is to improve your self-confidence, it’s worth trying to stick with it.   

While we don’t all naturally possess self-belief, there are ways to enhance this. The key is to find a way that works for you – and we hope to help you do just that.  

If you’re struggling to believe in your capabilities, read on. We’ve rounded up ways to help you achieve your confidence goals.   

Why is self-confidence important? 

It’s not always easy to improve your self-confidence, especially if you’re experiencing low self-esteem. But being confident in ourselves means we feel comfortable with who we are.  

Research from the University of Dundee revealed that human behaviours are: “…guided by how confident we feel in our abilities. When confidence does not reflect objective performance, this can impact critical adaptive functions and impair life quality.”  

This research looked at the connection between mental health and confidence. The findings revealed that those with low self-esteem often had common mental health-related symptoms.  

If you’re feeling low about yourself, whether because of physical factors, mental, or a combination of the two, it’s important to remember that you can enhance your self-confidence in a variety of ways. This might involve some trial and error as there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to boosting your self-belief.  

Look at your self-image 

The way you see yourself is rarely how others see you. But it’s easy to have a negative view of how you look.  

One way to help improve self-confidence is through self-image. Do you like your style? When did you last treat yourself to a wardrobe update? Something as simple as a few new items of clothing or a new look that takes you out of your comfort zone can make a difference to both how you feel about your appearance and the way you approach your everyday style.  

A good haircare routine can also go a long way towards enhancing your esteem. What’s your hair type? Using the right products, such as hair thickener or a deep cleansing conditioner can enhance the appearance of your hair.  

Similarly, a good skincare routine can not only improve your skin’s appearance but can protect you from UV rays. Like your hair, finding a routine that suits your skin type is vital here.  

Focus on your strengths 

Building on your strengths is another essential component of improving self-confidence. Everyone possesses unique strengths, whether they be in communication, problem-solving, creativity, or any other skill. Identifying and actively using these strengths can lead to a sense of accomplishment and enhance your self-esteem. 

Rather than dwelling on perceived weaknesses, consider what you’re good at. As you consistently apply and develop these strengths, you’ll not only enhance your abilities but also see what you bring to the table, whether that’s in work or at home. This proactive approach reinforces the belief in yourself.  

Think about who’s in your life 

Surround yourself with the right people. Evaluate the relationships in your life and ensure that the people around you are supportive and uplifting. Positive influences can provide encouragement, constructive feedback, and a sense of belonging.  

Negative influences, on the other hand, can pull you back down. It’s essential to distance yourself from individuals who undermine your self-worth. Build a supportive social circle and you’ll find that you don’t just experience personal growth, but you’ll feel valued and accepted. 

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