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Setting Up the Perfect Study Space for Your Child

Your environment can have a huge impact on your productivity and a designated study space can elevate your child’s motivation and help them to concentrate on their work. Even the smallest of factors like light, noise and the devices in a room are all contributors and worth considering during set up. We have teamed up with an independent school in North London to share tips and ideas for setting up the perfect study space for your child.


A dark and miserable space can make you feel the same. Rooms that get plenty of light on the other hand are great places to study as they put you in a much better mood and frame of mind.


Noise is difficult to work through and there are various ways in which you can minimise it to help your child concentrate when doing their work. First off, look for the place that’s the quietest. This will make for the ideal study room as they will have fewer noises to drown out. Try to avoid anywhere that’s near a hallway or entrance. The second option is to look for noise cancelling tools like headphones and earplugs. 


We all know how addictive a screen can be. You switch on a device for a moment and find yourself mid-way through a video or scrolling through your feed. To avoid temptation all together it’s best to make their study room a device free zone. That can be difficult living in the digital world as online resources are needed. To get around this, you can leave a desktop or laptop in their study room and restrict the sites that they have access to using the parental controls.


Once you’ve decided on set up and have a room to work with, you can add the furnishings and finishing touches. Wall calendars and boards are things that you may want to consider as they can help with planning and preparation in the lead up to exams and coursework deadlines.


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