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3 Eco Alternatives to Conventional Dental Products

In our modern world, there is a heightened focus on sustainability and finding new ways to make our daily lives more eco-friendly. From how we discard food waste to how we travel to work, public members continuously evolve their daily routines to make them more sustainable.

One daily routine you may not have thought about making more sustainable is brushing your teeth. Around one billion plastic toothbrushes are discarded annually, contributing to fifty million pounds of landfill waste, making it more critical than ever to switch to sustainability.

Unbeknown to some, there are several ways to take care of your oral hygiene more naturally. To make your dental routine more sustainable, we’ve listed a few eco alternatives to conventional dental products below – keep reading to learn more.

Eco-Friendly Mouthwash

Traditional mouthwashes are not considered eco-friendly since they are typically sold in plastic bottles containing various harmful chemicals that threaten aquatic life. You can help prevent this threat by switching to eco-friendly, natural mouthwashes manufactured in recyclable or reusable packaging or tablet/powder alternatives.

Fortunately, the best zero-waste mouthwashes work just as well as traditional mouthwashes, meaning that you don’t have to sacrifice your smile while protecting the environment. Ones that come in a powder or tablet format are even more convenient for those who travel since they are easier to pack.

Eco-Friendly Toothpaste

Conventional toothpaste tubes present a problem for the environment as their packaging is difficult to recycle since different materials are combined in their creation. Some toothpaste tubes have a thin layer of aluminium sandwiched between layers of plastic, which is too costly for recycling centres to separate, meaning that they get sent to landfills.

Much like eco-friendly mouthwash, you can purchase more sustainable toothpaste options packaged in glass jars, recyclable metal tubes, refillable tubes, and plastic-free packaging. Most manufacturers offer fluoride and fluoride-free options to cater to various dental needs. However, we recommend consulting your local dentist before using any eco-friendly options if you have complex dental needs.

Alternatively, type a dentist near me in a search engine and make an appointment to discuss any worries you may have about switching to an eco-toothpaste alternative. Consider reaching out to friendly, local practices like Cheriton Dental Practice for expert advice about how you could make your dental routine more sustainable. Browse their complete list of services, meet the team plus more on their website and see how they could assist you today.

Bamboo Toothbrushes

As we’ve touched upon in the introduction, traditional plastic toothbrushes present various problems for our environment and living creatures, which is where bamboo toothbrushes come in. Bamboo is a quick-growing, resilient plant with antibacterial properties that can be sourced without using toxins.

Much like the other eco-friendly dental alternatives mentioned in this article, bamboo toothbrushes offer the same cleaning quality as plastic toothbrushes meaning that your pearly whites don’t have to suffer on your path to sustainability. As well as being practical, they reduce waste and are anti-microbial, making them one of the most popular options for those looking to switch to sustainability.


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