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Helping Your Child Settle Into a New School

Change can be scary, especially for children. Leaving the place that they’ve known for so long can be something that’s emotional and difficult to adjust to. Whether they are saying goodbye because you’re moving homes or they’re embarking on the next chapter in their school life, we have tips from a private school in the West Midlands to help you.

Maintain Routine

Routine maintains a sense of normality and can help children during difficult times. For this reason, as they go through this big change, it’s important that you try to keep all else the same. It’s something to keep an eye on as well as the stress may affect their sleeping and eating habits. 

Talk to Your Child

In the lead up to their farewell, speak to your child about the change so that they have time to adjust and get their head around the move. This will help them to adjust when it happens so that it’s not so sudden.

Maintaining Friendships

The hardest part about moving is thinking about what you’re leaving behind. For your child that may be their friends. To make the transition a smooth one, create a plan with their friends’ parents to find a way of staying in touch. That might involve exchanging numbers or arranging visits by passing on details. 

Get Them Excited

Moving school is a chance to make new friends and explore an all-new learning environment. By reminding your child of these things, you can help them to be more receptive of the change and respond well to it.

Consider How They Feel

Choosing a new school is a big decision. Involve your child to make them feel a part of the process. They may even feel excited about embarking on their new adventure. You can ensure that it’s a good fit and somewhere that they will be happy to study by taking them to open days alongside you.


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