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Review: Abel and Cole

When I was researching my mammoth blog post about food and drink companies with a sustainable approach, I discovered a lot more about Abel & Cole. I had noticed their friendly looking vans around and knew a little about their ethos, but thought they only really delivered fruit and veg.

So when I contacted them for more information for the post, I was really impressed with the range they offered. I was lucky enough to be offered a box of their produce to try out, and I was so impressed I wanted to write a separate post on them to share my thoughts.

Abel and Cole is well known for its organic, sustainable and locally sourced food boxes which are delivered to your door. They offer a number of different boxes, some are just fruit or veg, while the mixed boxes offer both, with prices starting just about £13. You get a lot for your money in these boxes given the quality of the produce, and if there is something you really don’t like, you can add it to your ‘never send’ list (mine would be fennel, for some reason I just really can’t get on board with its flavour). You can check out what is coming in your next box, or you can leave it to see what you get – I guess it depends whether you like to plan or be spontaneous!

There’s an option to create your own box too. This is a lovely way to order your produce, just give yourself a good amount of time to browse as you will no doubt find loads of delicious goodies to choose from. And once you step outside of their fruit and veg offering, Abel and Cole has the same choice as any other online supermarket. You can order meat, fish, toiletries, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, dairy and dairy-free produce, crisps, snacks – the list is endless. Abel and Cole also sell recipe boxes and meal kits, as well as ready meals and store cupboard essentials.

Some of the highlights I tried out from Abel and Cole were:

  • Beef burgers – from Brown Cow Organics, these were so tasty and the quality was exceptional
  • Organic yoghurts – Also from Brown Cow, if I never eat another yoghurt in my life except these, that would be fine with me. The natural yoghurt with honey was incredible
  • Chicken legs – made a delicious casserole with loads of the veggies from the box, even our fussy 2-year-old tucked into it!
  • Purple artichokes – so flavourful and superb served with a vinaigrette dip
  • Medjool dates – these were absolutely huge! And they were the best dates I have ever had

I love that you can find out about the producers (such as Brown Cow, my new fave) on the dedicated webpage on Abel and Cole’s site. It provides more information about who has produced your food and demonstrates Abel and Cole’s commitment to seasonal and local suppliers.

In case you missed it in my sustainable suppliers post, Abel and Cole use Woolcool made from recycled British sheep’s wool to keep your delivery cold. It’s an environmentally-friendly way to keep your produce cooler for longer (your delivery can be left in a safe place if you know you won’t be in). They will also take back your packaging including the Woolcool to reuse.

Packaging all ready to be returned

In addition, their delivery method makes sure they work on a rounds basis with the shortest distance between drops. Not having to go from one location way across town to another, to fit in with the delivery slots, makes a big difference to their carbon emissions and goes a long way to reducing pressure on the environment.

If you’ve been thinking of ordering from Abel and Cole, I cannot recommend them enough! Give them a try (maybe start with a veg box to get to know how the ordering and delivery system works, and also to try out the quality).

Happy (organic) eating :o)


I was sent a selection of produce from Abel and Cole but was not under any obligation to review them, I was genuinely impressed and wanted to share my feelings with my blog readers. As always, the provision of free products does not affect my opinions which are always my own and honest.

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