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Items You Might Easily Forget To Buy When Preparing for Your Baby’s Arrival

When you’re preparing for your baby’s arrival, it can be easy to forget about some of the needed items. This blog post is here to help by providing a list of everyday things that many people may forget or not know about when they are preparing for their new bundle of joy!

Mother’s Needs and Essentials

Your milk comes in quickly, so you’ll need several nursing bras to wear during the first few weeks after giving birth. You should have at least three or four comfortable cotton-spandex ones with no underwire; they’ll be your most critical postpartum possessions for a while.

A good breastfeeding pillow is also essential to support the baby’s weight and take pressure off your arms (it can hold up to 50 pounds). You may want more than one if you’re planning on tandem feeding (nursing two babies simultaneously), which will make it easier not only for mom but dad as well.

Baby Parasol and Umbrella

A baby parasol to shade them from the sun is a must-have item. Like adults, babies can get skin cancer and other diseases if exposed to too much harmful UV rays from sunlight. In addition, a baby umbrella will keep both you and your baby safe from harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow, or wind during travel times when an extra layer of protection is needed.

Bathing Accessories

You may have heard that you don’t need to buy a baby bathtub. It’s true, sometimes a sink or a kitchen dishpan will do. But you’ll probably eventually want to buy a baby bathtub for your comfort and convenience, especially if you have more than one child and will be using the tub regularly.

Baby bathtubs are inexpensive, and they come in handy not just for bathing but also for rinsing off soap after shampooing your baby’s hair or lathering her body during diaper changes. In addition, they’re beneficial for giving babies sponge baths when you travel away from home. You can buy them with detachable showerheads, which are great if you have low-set sinks that make it difficult to bathe your child without straining your back—or getting soaked yourself.

Teething Mittens for Babies

Teething mittens are great to have on hand for babies. They help soothe the pain as they cut their first teeth and come in many different styles, shapes, and colours. Teething mittens are also great for babies who tend to suck on their hands as they can help prevent the baby from chewing other things that could be dangerous, such as electrical cords and other small objects.

These should be put away when not in use because they pose a choking hazard if the infant can take them off themselves or swallow parts of these teethers! Teething mittens should never go into the washing machine with your little one’s clothing either since they may fade over time-wash them by hand instead after removing any excess food particles.


The items listed in this article represent some things that you might easily forget to buy when preparing for your baby’s arrival. However, it is essential to think about what you need in advance to avoid feeling rushed when your baby arrives, and the store closes.

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