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A review of the Truckle Cheese Company

I love food. And I love getting parcels. So imagine how excited I am when I discover a new edible delight, which can be delivered to my door.

I regularly share my love of coffee on my blog. And I’ve recently discovered a world of coffee that can arrive through my letterbox. Another one of my ultimate favourites is cheese. Which is why I was delighted to find out about the Truckle Cheese Company.

Online cheese paradise

The Truckle Cheese Company source and sell a range of specially selected British cheese and accompaniments. With an online store offering the very best from British producers and makers, it is a virtual cheese lovers paradise.

The founders behind the company have more than 15 years experience in the rural farming community. When you order from these folk you are in safe hands. I was lucky enough to try a cheesetastic delivery from Truckle Cheese Company to share my thoughts with my blog readers.

Taste test

I tried out three cheeses, two boxes of savoury biscuits and a butter. All of which were outstanding. Having consumed an insanely large amount of cheese and crackers in my time, these were hands down some of the best I have tasted.

I munched my way through:

  • Wookey Hole Cave Aged Cheddar
  • Mature Farmhouse Cheddar
  • Vintage Cruncher
  • Orkney Bakery Smoked Cheese biscuits and caramelised onion biscuits
  • Maryland Farmhouse butter

Even my rather picky daughter couldn’t get enough of the Vintage Cruncher. Which is a real testament to its tastiness. All of the cheddars have the ideal level of tang, coupled with a creamy texture. It’s a perfect combination.

The biscuits are a wonderful accompaniment. They are sweet, which you would expect with biscuits rather than crackers. The onion and smoked cheese additions take the edge off the sweetness. They make a delicious base ready to be topped with a generous slice of cheddar.

The butter was delightful too. I don’t have butter with my cheese, so it made a perfect spread for my toast.

Prices start at £5.95 which is a good price for the quality of the product. The biscuits are £3.95 per pack and worth every penny!

If you want to discover a new cheese and have it delivered to your door, Truckle Cheese Company is perfect. It’s a wonderful treat and supports British food manufacturers. So it’s a win win in my book.



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