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How to Build a Positive Relationship with Your Child’s Teachers

Having a positive relationship with your child’s teacher can have a number of benefits for both your child’s education and your peace of mind. To know that they’re in good hands is important for you feeling comfortable about your child’s education. So, just how can you strike a chord with your child’s teachers? 

I’ve partnered with a Boarding School in Wiltshire to offer you some pointers on how to forge positive relationships with the teachers responsible for your children’s education. 

Introduce Yourself Early 

Try and get to meet your children’;s teachers before the school year starts, be that in person, over the phone or by email. This could be to simply introduce yourself, or it could be sharing specific issues regarding your child’s needs. Sharing such details will help your teacher know how to care for your child, as well as show to them that you are keen to be involved in a helpful manner. 

Be Respectful of Their Time 

A teacher will have a very busy schedule, and while they will of course find time for any questions you may have, you have to be respectful of their busy and demanding schedule.s You can do this by simply asking: ‘when would be the best time to reach you, and what way is the best way to reach you.’ Showing consideration for their time, and making time for appointments with them will show that you respect the way they manage their attention to their students. 

Don’t Speak Negatively About Teachers In Front of Kids 

Not only is there a chance your child will repeat what you said about their teacher directly to them, talking negatively about an educator to your children will encourage your child to disrespect their authority in the classroom. Any issues with the teacher, talk to the teacher themselves about it, don’t bring it up with your children. 


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