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Simple sustainable swaps for your beauty routine

I’m always looking for simple sustainable swaps. The good news is there are lots of great companies out there who sell every day products to make this a reality. Being eco-conscious is so important, but I’m also realistic about what we can achieve given the other pressures on our time.

If you feel the same way, this post on the benefits of eco-friendly hair care is a great read.

I recently discovered Green Pear Eco. This lovely online store sells a great range of sustainable products that will fit in with your existing routine. I’ve partnered with them to bring you this posts, looking at simple sustainable swaps for your beauty routine.

simple sustainable swaps

1. Choose an all purpose balm in eco-packaging

Instead of lots of different lotions and potions in plastic packaging, look for a multi-purpose balm. This balm from Green Pear Eco is a fab option. It’s plastic free and is brilliant for protecting and moisturising your skin. Apply to your lips, hands and body when you need a bit of TLC.

2. Switch to eco-friendly muslin cleansing clothes

Like most things in life, muslin cleansing clothes are not all created equally! If you use them as part of your routine, be sure they are plastic-free and vegan friendly. Also look for unbleached cotton as the harsh chemicals in some manufacturing processes are toxic for the environment.

3. Use sustainable nail varnish remover pads

Single use cotton pads and balls are very wasteful and contribute to landfill. When removing your nail varnish you can opt for reusable, plastic-free and biodegradable (when you are eventually finished with them).

4. Ditch your plastic hairbrush

Plastic hairbrushes contribute to landfill as they do not break down. By moving to a plastic free one, you can be happy knowing that it is fully biodegradable. The bamboo hairbrush from Green Pear Eco is made with sustainable materials, and it is just as effective as a plastic hairbrush (having tried it I would argue even better!)

5. Swap to mouthwash tablets

Not only can some mouthwashes contain unpleasant chemicals, they are packaged in single use plastic. So make the switch to mouthwash tablets that are cruelty-free, vegan and made with no nasties. Choose those sold in refillable glass jars to eliminate waste.

Hopefully this has given you some great ideas for simple sustainable swaps for your beauty routine. Remember to check out Green Pear Eco for all of your eco-friendly, sustainable, everyday items.

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And, if you’re looking for more ideas on sustainable living, here are some fab tips on eco-cleaning for your home. I’ve also found a great blog post on easy sustainable swaps for babies and children.


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