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Great Valentine’s Gifts for her from Carrie Elspeth jewellery

With Valentine’s Day approaching, it’s always helpful to get some gift inspiration for the special woman in your life. Jewellery is of course a great place to start. And for unique pieces, I can certainly recommend Carrie Elspeth.

Carrie Elspeth is a handmade jewellery maker, based in South Wales. You can tell that their range comes from a place of personal love for the business. Each piece is very carefully considered and thought through, rather than the mass-produced alternatives.

I’ve been trying out a few items from the Carrie Elspeth jewellery range lately. The quality is very impressive, matched with chic style and design. I’m so pleased I discovered this special retailer.

I would definitely recommend the jewellery items I’ve been wearing recently. First up, the silver dome studs are a classic item. They looks very stylish and much more expensive than the price tag. I’d be delighted to receive these as a gift, so I can absolutely suggest them as a lovely Valentine’s present.

I’m also really partial to a bracelet and Carrie Elspeth’s offering is fabulous. I’ve been wearing the Midnight Metallics bracelet and the Crown Chakra beaded bracelet. The Midnight Metallics is a gorgeous combination of metallic gold, silver and slate grey beads. 

The Chakra bracelets are a really novel idea. Chakras are believed the be the centres in our bodies that energy flows through, and balancing our Chakras can promote health and wellbeing. Carrie Elspeth has a great range of beautiful Chakra bracelets that bring together silver plated spheres and seven semi-precious stones. The Crown Chakra encourages positive thinking, intelligence and makes us more aware. All very important in my opinion!

You can buy these items and many more from I’m sure you will love having a scroll through their beautiful range and find a great Valentine’s Gifts for her.


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