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What Are UK SAT Exams?

SAT Exams can feel a bit complicated to understand, especially with the number of different exams in your child’s calendar. But there is a bit of reassurance when it comes to SAT Exams. They are used for a number of reasons, but are not going to define your child’s studying journey. So what are UK SAT exams?

What are UK SAT Exams?

SAT stands for Standardised Assessment Test, which is used across the UK in primary schools and prep schools. Children will take their first exams in Year 2 which are focused on their reading and maths skills. They will then take SAT exams in Year 6 just before their summer break and then head into secondary school. This will test their reading, grammar and punctuation, their spelling, maths and maybe science as well.

What are SAT Exams used for?

These exams are important for a number of reasons, aside from gauging how well your child is doing in school. They are used by the local authorities, Head Teachers and the government to accurately gauge which schools are performing well and which are struggling. SATs are also used to mark which classes your child will be sitting in when they head to secondary school.

For the most part, SAT exams are used to see how well your child has progressed from Year 2 to Year 6. While your child’s results will allocate their space in a classroom at their learning level it doesn’t mean that they can’t progress and improve when they head to secondary school.

How long do SAT Exams take?

You may be thinking your child will be sat in a large room with multiple other students at their own table, but actually your child will probably be sat in their usual classroom surrounded by their classmates. The exams will take between 30 – 40 minutes to complete as opposed to many hours sitting in an exam hall.


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