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Understanding Your Child’s Curriculum

A child’s curriculum throughout their time in school will vary and become more developed in their lifetime. Thankfully it’s designed to build a child’s level of skill in the core subjects while also providing them with a variety of skills to gear them towards university and their future career prospects.

To understand your child’s curriculum, this guide from a nursery in Surrey has provided us with this guide.

Understanding the key stages

In the UK the curriculum follows a series of key stages that are set out from reception all the way up to sixth form level. Your child will first experience early years, which is what provides the foundations for much of their learning. Then they will enter key stage 1 – 2, which is for years 1 all the way through to year 6.

Key stage 3 is when your child reaches secondary school, and key stage 4 is when your child will be studying for their GCSE exams. If your child chooses to enter sixth form after this period, they’ll be studying the key stage 5 curriculum.

What’s usually taught in these key stages

The compulsory subjects are English, Maths and the Sciences. They’re often referred to in order to reach sixth form, college or their first job as a base. Luckily these are built upon right from their first stages of learning.

There are also other subjects that your child will pick up, such as religious studies, art, music and languages. Some of these are compulsory, with others being optional later on in their studies. When your child reaches GCSE level they’re able to choose which subjects they want to study, and refine this even further when it comes to college or sixth form.

Other support

The government website is a great resource for the latest curriculum changes, as well as talking directly to your school about what your child is studying and how it will benefit them. Your child will also be able to give you great insight into what they’re learning and what they’re enjoying about school.


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