Top Tips for Setting Up the Perfect Home Office
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Top Tips for Setting Up the Perfect Home Office

What makes a great home office? Is it the size of the room? The quality of the desk? The lighting? There are so many elements that make up a fantastic, usable home office that it would be impossible to please everyone – after all, taste plays a huge part as does personal preference.

However, there are some aspects of the home office which are non-negotiable…read these top tips to learn how you can create the perfect home office for a fraction of the cost you might imagine!

1: Size doesn’t matter – you might think you need a whole room for the perfect office but you don’t. What you do need is a space nobody else uses! This could be a corner of the dining room, an outdoor space such as a shed or caravan or even the space underneath the stairs.

If like me you’ve got good coverage of internet in my area then all you need is a quiet space and your wifi, and you’re good to go.

2: Your comfort does matter – don’t set up your home office with a kitchen chair. Invest in a decent chair which will allow you to sit comfortably. Sitting on poor quality chairs for too long can cause long-lasting back problems. This is really, the only part of your home office furniture which you need to spend a decent amount on.

3: Lighting – you should ensure you have adequate light. If you’re in an area with little or no natural light, invest in an affordable Anglepoise lamp. Use daylight bulbs so that you’re not in dim light. You might also want to think about some cool tech lighting fixtures that would make your office an even better space to work in as a bonus.

4: Plants make a difference – not just visually but to your mood. Research shows that people who have lots of plants in their home also have a generally happier disposition. Choose easy-care plants such as succulents and spider plants.

5: A good device – don’t use a beat up old laptop. Invest in a good device so that you have reliable internet connection and up to date software.

6: A good printer – every home office needs a reliable printer and if you’re working from home for an employer or as a freelancer, it’s vital that you have the option for secure printing so that sensitive information is kept safe.

Your home office should be a professional environment as far as possible no matter what you’re using it for. You’ll get more done, in less time and more effectively if you’re comfortable and have everything you need.

Here are some more top tips for creating a good work environment at home.


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