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Top 4 Reasons Why Dogs are Definitely Better Than Cats

There are many points of view of people in the United Kingdom which differ dramatically from each other. Some such opinions, such as which football team you support or which political party you vote for, can cause debates and, in the worst case, fights.

Another, perhaps less serious, way in which the people of Britain are divided is whether they are dog-lovers or cat-lovers, and so, in an effort to support the former, here are the top four reasons why dogs are definitely better than cats.

1.    Dogs are Great for Your Physical & Health

One of the most notable differences between cats and dogs is that, in the case of dogs, they need at least one decent walk each and every day, regardless of the weather conditions or how you feel in yourself.

Walking is one of, if not the top form of exercise that benefits every single organ inside your body. This regular minimum of half an hour of walking will boost your own levels of physical wellbeing, as well as ensure your dog is happy and healthy.

2.    Dogs Aid Your Emotional Wellbeing

It is certainly true to say that, unlike cats, who are largely independent enough not to need constant attention and affection, dogs are considerably needier and want to be with their human idols as much as possible throughout the day.

This dependency from a dog, not only in terms of food, water, and entertainment but for love and care, provides a dog owner with motivation and the necessity to get outside and become more physically fit and able. Remember that you should always have a local vet, such as easyvet.com on hand should any problems arise after you have walked your dog and they have behaved differently.

3.    Dogs Have a Proverbial Sixth Sense

It is no coincidence that, with the possible exception of horses, dogs are the most helpful species of animal in the world to humans.

Dogs have an innate ability to not only detect stress, anxiety, and worries in their human companions (usually, when you cry, your dog will lick your tears from your face), but some dogs can even detect some forms of cancer in humans. Dogs are also used to aid the blind and can be trained to hit a specific button on a person’s phone to call 911.

4.    Dogs are Fabulous Companions for People of Any Age

Finally, the fourth most important reason why, fundamentally, dogs make a much better pet than a cat ever can is that dogs are perfect for people of any age, personality, lifestyle, or living situation (providing, of course, that you spend enough time at home and that your property is large enough to accommodate).

There are many dog-owners up and down the country who are older, or indeed elderly; not only do such dogs provide physical exercise each and every day for these owners, but they also provide loving and valuable companionship and entertainment for older people.


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