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Have you considered private dining?

Since I’ve become a mum, it has been harder to find time to spend with my friends (who are also busy parents, working or just generally living life as we all do!). I’m always quite tired and not much of a drinker anymore, so heading out to a pub or club is way out of my comfort zone these days!

I do meet up with my friends in the daytime with our little ones in tow, which is always lovely and great for the kids to get together. But it generally means most of the day is spent running after our toddlers rather than catching up. I have even found that if we do get a chance to get together, say for a meal, I find it hard to chat and listen properly if the restaurant is really busy and noisy (yes, I know how old I sound!).

So if someone offered me the chance to have a sophisticated meal, in a calm and quiet space, I would say absolutely! My dream scenario would be finding one of the fantastic private dining restaurants in London where we could book a private space, have some delicious food, and some serious catch up time for several hours!

Have you considered private dining?

It may seem an expensive way to go out for a meal, but as I work in PR and marketing I have booked a lot of private dining spaces for client events and meetings. When you look at the minimum spend for the rooms, which is often how it is worked out rather than paying for the space itself, it is the same or not much more than you would pay on a regular visit to a restaurant.

So what would make my ideal private dining experience?

#1 A really upmarket restaurant

I rarely go out to eat these days, so when I do, I want it to be very special! I enjoy trying new foods and cuisines when I go out, and always try to order something that I’d never cook at home. Fish is one of my go to choices when I do get out to eat, as my husband isn’t that keen on fish so we don’t eat it very often.

#2 A good wine list or cocktail menu

Although as I already said I don’t really drink much these days (it just makes me tired and I can’t cope with the fuzzy head when I’ve got an early start with little miss!) I do still enjoy a glass of wine or a cocktail. Having a good menu to choose from would definitely add to my ideal dining experience.

#3 A round or oval table

This probably sounds really picky, but I don’t like rectangular dining tables when we are eating out as a big group. Firstly, it’s not very often we have an even number of people, so someone ends up sitting on their own at the end of the table. Secondly, it’s quite hard to talk to those who aren’t sitting next to you. Round tables open up the conversation between the whole group and mean you can see everyone!

#4 My friends!

This goes without saying that my dream dining scenario would only be great if my lovely, wonderful friends are with me!

Would you consider private dining for a meal with friends or family?


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