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Premium Vinyl for Premium Satisfaction

Among the many options in Luxury Vinyl flooring, Karndean click vinyl flooring is considered a premium option because it is perfectly suited to fit all kinds of rooms at a satisfactory price slightly more than cheaper options, but no less impressive in its manufacturing.

Easy in Price and Implementation

When it comes to budget, Karndean is a much cheaper option over carpet, laminate or hardwood flooring. With the individual pieces being cheaper to buy it results in you not out of pocket. When considering savings on eliminating professionals to fit due to relative ease, it increases savings as well as a fun DIY project.

Karndean click vinyl flooring can be installed stress free and within 2 days it can be secure enough to walk on. It is key to its successful installation that you reduce the foot traffic for this time frame.

Artful Designs

Karndean provides replicated detail in either wood or stone-styled effect, such as Da Vinci and Trapani, which provides a genuine look that does not give a feel of unauthentic product. If you like to match with your furniture to have a complete look you will easily find a palette suitable to the feel.

It is also a very considerate product when it comes to cleaning and maintaining, as vinyl holds enough protective properties to last upwards of 30 years if properly cared for.

Karndean click vinyl flooring contains protection against stains, scratches, water and heat to provide maximum protection for any room, especially those high water rooms like the kitchen or bathroom.

Comfort in Look and Feeling

With added durability and extra cushioned texture, Karndean click vinyl flooring is a top selling product chosen because it can withstand a lot more than other household flooring. The various designs and colours also play a big part of the decision, which is why most people don’t mind paying a little more for a product that provides just as much.

Comfort in both mind and product, Karndean has all of the same attributes as other vinyl flooring brands and adds another layer over them when it comes to quality.

High traffic areas such as the kitchen or bathroom are provided added protection for droppage of any plates or cups by having an extra bounce texture and not leaving any lasting damage to the floor.

If you want a premium product worthy of your home, the Karndean ranges such as Karndean Da Vinci and Karndean Van Gogh are the best option on the market.


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