Quiet Time

And…relax! Tips to turn your home into a serene sanctuary

If you’re a parent, you might feel that it’s impossible to turn your home into a serene sanctuary. While it’s not always easy to escape the hustle and bustle of family life and find peace, there are ways to induce calm and create a relaxing, tranquil setting.

Creating comfortable spaces

Our homes should be welcoming, inviting and comfortable places where we feel relaxed. In the last year, many of us have spent more time at home than ever before and our homes have become makeshift workplaces and classrooms. With our needs and demands changing, it’s more important than ever to make space for comfort and downtime.

Section off areas or block out rooms for quiet, soothing activities and invest in furniture and soft furnishings that enhance comfort, as well as the aesthetic of the room. From stylish, sumptuous nursing chairs for a newborn nursery and beanbags and floor cushions for an informal snug to a couch that you can sink into in the living room, it’s always a good idea to shop around. Try chairs and sofas for size and to prioritise comfort over style in areas that are designed for kicking back and chilling out. 

Choosing calming colours

We often choose colours based on the shades we like and tones that are popular in interior design trend lists for the season. While it’s important to love the look of the rooms in your home, it’s also beneficial to think about how you want to feel and the ambience you want to create.

Some colours are proven to make us happy and boost our energy levels, while some have a calming effect. If you’re looking for inspiration for a peaceful area, for example, your bedroom or a reading room, opt for soothing shades like blue, green or purple. 

Separating adult and child-friendly areas

We all love our kids, but it’s blissful to be able to watch TV or read a book without worrying about tripping over bits of Lego or having to spend time tidying jigsaws, building blocks or model cars or trains away before we can switch off and relax. Even if you’re short on space and you don’t have enough rooms to have separate playrooms and formal living spaces, it’s fantastic to be able to section off areas that are designed for creative play, socialising and enjoying a bit of well-earned me-time.

You can use furniture to create borders within an open space, place decorative screens to segment the room or use different colours or decor styles to create zones for different activities. It’s important to have spaces where you can enjoy quality time together as a family and have fun, as well as spots you can retreat to and indulge hobbies or have some time out. 

Living with kids is always an adventure, but it can be tiring. If you find it hard to relax at home, there are ways to promote and induce calm and serenity. Prioritise comfort, make sure you have areas that are designed for child-friendly and adult activities and think carefully about the colours you choose. 


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