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6 eco-friendly school lunchbox swaps

Living a more sustainable life and reducing plastic waste is not always easy. But little steps really do help. And the good news is there are many pretty easy lifestyle areas to address, such as your child’s school lunch. So how do you choose sustainably, even when you’re in a hurry? Here are 6 eco-friendly school lunchbox swaps to go green when it comes to a packed lunch.

1. Choose a sustainable lunchbox

While the contents of the lunchbox are important, the vessel is key too! A truly sustainable option is from the lovely folk at Huski Home. Home Home recycle rice husks to create a durable, environmentally friendly, non-toxic material. This is then used to make a plethora of products, such as their lunchbox. With 2 storage components and a hinged locking lid, it is perfect for packed lunches. You might want to borrow it at weekends too!

6 eco-friendly school lunchbox swaps

2. Ditch the clingfilm

Clingfilm is a big problem for the environment. It doesn’t break down, is difficult to recycle and is made from potentially harmful chemicals. For an environmentally friendly choice, WaxWrap beeswax wrap is a fun and natural alternative. They are perfect for wrapping fresh and cooked food; available in bag, pre-cut sheets or on-a-roll format. It’s an easy switch when it comes to eco-friendly school lunchbox swaps.

3. Think about sandwich fillings

It’s not always easy with children’s food choices to go green. So if meat and cheese are firmly on the menu, aim for organic where possible. If tuna is a hit, choose sustainably caught tuna. If they will eat hummus, that is a great protein-packed alternative.

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4. Choose vegan friendly snacks

There are a heap of snacks that are plant-based and vegan. Your little one won’t notice as they are still yummy, but the environment will thank you! Little swaps like this really add up over time. You can get some inspiration from this vegan-friendly snacks post.

5. Use a refillable juice carton

Juice or drink cartons with plastic straws aren’t always easy to recycle. If your child likes the concept, but you don’t like the waste, there is a perfect solution. Drink in the Box is a reusable drink box, which you can fill with anything you like. If you want to reduce sugar intake, try water and berries, or mixed fruit. It is free from BPA and Phthalate, won’t warp in the dishwasher and will not stain. They’re available on Amazon.

6. Look for recyclable packaging

Avoiding pre-packaged food altogher is pretty unrealistic. But you can try to make responsible choices when it comes to packaging. For example, Two Farmers crisps are in biodegradable bags. Even Walkers crisp packets can be sent back to be recycled. Talk to your child about recycling too so they can help take responsibility for separating their empty packets and wrappers.

Do you have any other eco-friendly school lunchbox swaps?


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