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5 Unique Hobbies for Children

Today’s technology can drive children to be glued to a screen for as many as hours as possible in a day. Not only is this bad for their eyes, but it stops them from being physically active, stimulated and social. This is why encouraging your child to have a unique hobby, has now become more valuable than ever. Not only will they get more exposure to the outdoors, but you may find your child’s abilities and interests were being limited due to their attachment to the screen.

Here are some tips from a private school in Northwood on 5 unique hobbies for your child.

1. Woodwork

It isn’t always the first choice in the agenda but is one of the most versatile and practical hobbies your child can pick up. Not only will they be dedicating time and energy into learning how to create something they can use for a long period of time, but they will be picking up vital motor and creative skills.

Items such as toys and photo frames can be made from just a piece of wood! If your child does show an interest in this hobby, ensure they are supervised to avoid any injuries.

2. Painting

This is one for everyone. Painting is a common task that most experience during early school years and even as a fun activity given by parents. However, painting can actually become a long-term hobby that is used not only for comfort but as a career.

Introduce your child to acrylic, oil and water-based paints. Let them get used to the different textures. You may even find they start showing interest in famous artists and their paintings.

3. Starting a collection

Hobbies don’t always have to be art from the hand. They can be whatever you choose for it to be. Figure out what your child’s interests are and help them start a small collection. Give them inspiration on what they can choose and where to attain their materials. Rocks, seashells and even interesting coins can be an easy one to maintain.

4. Animals

Some children really love animals. If within your budget, allow your child to get a pet or take regular lessons riding a horse. Not only is this enjoyable, but you’ll find your child will start to gain a sense of responsibility and how to prioritise time and efforts better.

5. Gardening

It is an easy one and allows your child’s curiosities to bloom. Give them a small space, a planter or even a pot on the windowsill. Take them through the process of planting seeds and maintaining watering and clearing weeds. Gardening requires a lot of patience and may be good for those who need some relaxing time outdoors.

The choices are endless. Hobbies don’t always require a lot of time or money to get started. Figure out what your child is interested in and try and keep them away from their screens as much as possible. Who knows, you may have a future artist on your hands!


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