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Three easy halloumi recipes: quick and simple vegetarian recipes

On my recent holiday in Cyprus I’m pretty sure I ate my weight in halloumi. I wanted to blog three easy halloumi recipes. So three ways to enjoy this weird yet oh so wonderful squeaky cheese. Halloumi is also a great ingredient to complement vegetarian recipes, which all of my picks below are.

  1. Grilled with a tomato & mint salad. Slice some good quality tomatoes (I’m a fan of Red choice from Waitrose or Ocado). Cover with a good splash of balsamic vinegar and some fresh shredded mint. Leave them in the fridge for an hour before you need them. Grill your halloumi until nice and brown, plate up and serve with the tomatoes on top. Add a little salt before serving, if you like. If you wanted to make this into a full salad, add some mixed leaves, sliced peppers and slivers of red onion.
  2. Halloumi and aubergine stacks – Slice an aubergine quite thickly (about 1.5cm). Stack a slice of halloumi (I like Cypressa slices halloumi for this) on top of a piece of aubergine. Repeat, and finish with a final slice of aubergine on top. Pop under a medium grill for five minutes. Serve with rocket and caramelised onion homous (Tesco and Waitrose both do good ones).
  3. Mushroom and halloumi burger. Grill two thick slices of halloumi and a large field mushroom. Cook until the cheese is brown and the mushroom warm. Place between a burger bun (white or wholemeal work well) and top with a tomato salsa before tucking in. Be careful – mushrooms retain their heat for a long time after cooking so watch your tongue!

All of these recipes are quick, easy and delicious! Let me know if you try any out. What are your thoughts on halloumi?


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