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Looking good in Loungewear. An interview with Rachel, founder of Thought Clothing

To learn more about sustainable fashion brand and retailer, Thought Clothing, I interviewed their co-founder Rachel Kelly. She shared her feelings on company’s ethics, views on sustainability and ideas on embracing loungewear. 

  1. What makes loungewear so relaxing and chilled out?

I guess it’s a balance of factors, really – including laid-back silhouettes, a loose fit and, of course, super-soft fabrics which feel great on the skin and which you’re happy to reach for time and again because of the pure comfort factor.

Lockdown brought loungewear into focus in a big way and, while we’re now going out again, I’m sure that this extended period at home made people realise how cosy it can be donning some easy-wear joggers and an ultra-snug tee or jumper. 

Though loungewear can be stylish too: our men’s separates are perfect for chilled-out days at home, but if you get a last-minute call and decide you want to head out – our pieces work as great casualwear looks whatever you’re up to, as well. Just layer up appropriately and you’re good to go.

  1. What inspired Thought Clothing to use soft hemp and organic cotton materials for your men’s loungewear collection? 

Hemp is a material that’s been at the heart of our collections since we started back in 1995. It’s such a great, sustainable fabric, which is also thermoregulating – meaning it will keep you warm when it’s colder and keep you cooler as the temperature rises. It even protects you from UV rays. We also love to use the material for our women’s hemp dresses, which are strong yet super soft. 

Organic cotton is another material we use a lot across our pieces. Again, this is a textile which feels great next to the skin and is really durable. We know people can become really attached to those staple pieces – those basics they reach for every day – so we want our customers to know these are looks that have been made to carry you in style from season to season. 

  1. How does this impact the environment and in particular circular fashion?

All of the fabrics we use at Thought have a much lower impact on the environment for lots of reasons. For example, hemp matures really quickly: the speedy yield means you need less land to grow it. Plus, it returns 60% to 70% of the nutrients it uses back to the soil.

Organic cotton uses far less water (up to 91%) in its production than regular cotton. It also produces around 46% less C02  than conventionally grown cotton. Both of these factors alone mean it is so much better for the environment.

In addition, here at Thought, we love creating classic styles that come in timeless cuts and are of such a quality that they’ll last and last and are made of fabrics that get even better with wear. This way, you’ll put them on more – and we know that more wear means less waste = another big tick for an eco-friendly wardrobe.


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