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What Are the Different Malaysian House Types?

If you are considering purchasing or renting a property in Malaysia, you might have come across terminology that you are unfamiliar with, such as ‘bungalow’, ‘superlink house’, ‘cluster house’ and ‘zero lot’. While most of the terms used to describe the different types of landed properties that you can get in Malaysia are unofficial, they are useful for helping you to gain a better understanding of the types of properties that developers in this country offer. Before you get started on your Malaysian house search, here’s everything that you need to know about the different house types that are available and what to expect from each one. 

Where to Find Malaysian Property

First of all, it’s a good idea to find out where is best to look on your search for the perfect Malaysian home. Whatever kind of home you are looking for, Property Guru is the number one option to consider. Property Guru is widely regarded to be the best property search site for Malaysian properties in all areas and is used by locals and overseas buyers alike. You can use this site to find your perfect Rumah Malaysia or when buying a house in a popular area like the capital city of Kuala Lumpur. Some of the main house types available in Malaysia include:


Also known as a semidee, this house is linked to another house on one side. The other side of the property will usually include an open space or garden. Semi-detached houses are some of the most popular types of landed property in the country. 

Zero Lot

This is a newer concept for a detached house, with the house built to the side of, rather than in the center of the land. The purpose of positioning the building to the side means that there is more open space on the opposite side, allowing homeowners and renters to enjoy a bigger garden space. 

Cluster House

Most cluster house developments involve four houses that are linked together. Each house has vacant land to the side in a similar way to semi-detached houses, but there is no empty land at the back since cluster houses are linked to each other both at the bank and sides of the house. Compared to conventional terraced houses, this property design offers more windows and side doors, along with more outdoor space, making them a popular choice in the Malaysian market. 

Terraced House

Also known as a link house, terraced houses are joined together in a row, with outdoor space to the back of each house. These are some of the most affordable and popular choices for landed property in Malaysia. 

Superlink House

These houses are large terraced houses that typically include a wide frontage of 24ft and higher. While they will typically cost more compared to a conventional terraced or link house, they are usually cheaper to purchase compared to cluster houses and semi-detached houses. 


These are similar to terraced houses, with the houses joined together in a row. However, the main difference is that townhouses tend to be taller with three or four stories, and are typically sold as two units, with upper and lower units that are accessed from the ground floor. They are reasonably priced compared to terraced houses, and a popular option with people who want the affordability of an apartment with the extra benefits of living in a landed property. 

Choosing the Right Type of House for You

If you are looking to rent or buy a landed property when moving to Malaysia, there are several things to consider before choosing the right type of house for you. Of course, there may be other important factors to think about such as the location of the property and the asking price before you make your final decision. The size of the home is a very common factor to consider when deciding on the right option. Terraced houses can be quite small, for example; however, if you want the convenience and affordability of a terraced house but with extra space, a superlink house might be ideal for you. Semi-detached and zero lot homes are ideal choices for those who want to ensure that the house comes with a lot of outdoor space. A cluster house might be the right option for your residence if you want a more affordable property but with many of the benefits of a semi-detached property including your own personal outdoor space to the side of the home. 

There are several different options to choose from if you are looking to purchase or rent landed property in Malaysia. From affordable terraced houses to zero lot homes with a large amount of outdoor space, there’s something for every type of buyer. Whether you simply need a small and comfortable residence or want a large home to raise your family in Malaysia, understanding the difference between the different types of properties available will help you make the best choice. 

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