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The Food Experiences You Just Have To Try

Years ago food was all about survival. We ate to live, and that was that. But these days we can sometimes live to eat. By that it means the food is now a far more enjoyable experience than it ever has been. We can now introduce our taste buds to new and exciting flavours from all over the world.

We have the resource to buy different ingredients in our shops, and travel to faraway destinations to try delicacies. We can even have things on the go to help with symptoms we are feeling and resolve them without too much trouble. It is amazing how lucky we are to have some of these things within our grasps. 

However, not all of us are aware of some of the food experiences we can try. There are so many different things that you could experience. Some while on your travels, when things are allowed again, and some can even be bought in delicatessens and shops. With that in mind, here are some of the food experiences you must try at some point in your lives. 


Caviar is seen as something that perhaps the rich and famous would have eaten sat at their grand dining tables. These days, although an expensive delicacy, caviar is available to all to buy. It’s something that you must try at some point. Caviar is salt cured fish eggs, which are either fresh or pasteurized. The roe is found most commonly in the Black Sea. Traditionally you can eat it from the spoon or spread on some melba toast. You will find it served as an aperitif if you happen to be eating it in a restaurant or at a dinner party. 

CBD sweets

One thing that people don’t try but should, especially if they struggle with things like anxiety is CBD products. Of course, not everyone is into vaping etc, so you can consider it in an edible form. You can get cbd sweets online easily enough and they may surprise you with how nice they are, and how calming and soothing they can be to symptoms that you will be feeling. It might not be your first consideration, but it certainly should be an option to try. These can be easily taken on the go, so you don’t need to worry about the situation you find yourself in either. Why not give them a try if you are struggling?

Chicken feet

It is strange to consider this a weird food experience, as it is actually very common in many different areas. The chicken feet themselves are mostly skin, so it can be a strange texture when you are eating it. However, if you flavour them well and cook them right, they can be a lovely option and a taste sensation. However, they are very boney, so it is worth remembering that this delicacy is one to take your time with. Nobody wants a chicken bone stuck in their mouths. 


You will find that a lot of insects are a delicacy in some Asian countries. Most are served as a street food. The most common being the cockroach. It won’t be the ones that you might see while you are on holiday. These cockroaches tend to be in the jungle and have a diet of fruits and vegetables. They are classed as one of the tastiest insects, and you can eat them in many different ways. 

Witchetty grub

This is one delicacy from Australia and one that you may not usually consider, but you definitely should. It is known as Australia bushmeat that happened to be a staple for natives back in the day. They can be eaten raw, where some say it has the taste of almonds, or lightly cooked, which means the skin crisps up like a roast chicken. Whichever you try, it is definitely one to consider if you are ever down under. 


Eating tripe can go one of two ways. Cooked incorrectly you will never eat it again, cooked properly in a delicious meal and you will find yourself eating it again and again. Once you go beyond what it is, you will be able to make the most of the versatile ingredient. It was once very common years ago as a cheap source of protein; it’s less common these days making it more of a delicacy than it ever was. Try it today and see what you think? This might be one thing to get from a local butcher or you may find it in your supermarkets.  

Courgette flowers

During the summer, courgettes are often used in recipes. But what you don’t find too often is the courgette flowers. This part of the courgette flow is simple and delicious when deep fried. You can fill them with an amazing filling and serve up in meals or on their own. Serving something like this would give your meals a bit of a wow factor. Make sure you take advantage of this ingredient and try it yourself. It is super tasty, very filling and looks fabulous on the plate. 

Razor clams

The common clam is a heart shaped shell but the razor clams are more tubular and have more meat on them. They may not be considered as a strange taste sensation or weird food to try, but they are very rare to find on menus, so they are more of a taste sensation you must try if you ever get the chance. Grilling these on the BBQ makes a great tasting dish. These clams are rarer to find than the heart shaped ones but taste amazing so it is definitely worth it to seek them out in popular areas. 

Right now we can’t do much other than try the foods we have locally or in our supermarkets, but it is worth remembering some of the ones that caught your eye for the future. Let’s hope this has inspired you to try some new food experiences at some point. You won’t be disappointed with any of these. 


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